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Wheel Assembly Instructions

When receiving your wheel, it will come in four pieces, the wheel, tee and bearing assembly, base and the stand.  You will need to assemble the wheel prior to use.  No tools are required.

 Step 1:   Make sure the pin is inserted completely through the bearing assembly.

Step 2:  With pin inserted, Screw the bearing assembly into the back of the wheel.  If there is any resistance, please stop and begin again.  There is a chance it has become cross-threaded.

 Step 3:   Place the pole into the stand.

 Step 4:  Place the wheel (with the bearing assembly already attached) onto the pole.

Step 5:  Hand tighten until snug.  Do not put on too tightly, this will cause the pin to bend and possibly break the bolt.  Failure to properly tighten wheel will result in the wheel disengaging from the bearing assembly and falling off.

Step 6:  Remove the pin from the bearing assembly prior to placing inside the cage. Place the pin in a secure location. It will be needed for cleaning purposes (see below).


To clean the wheel, remove the wheel from the stand.  Re-insert the pin and unscrew the wheel from the bearing assembly.  The wheel and stand can be immersed in water to clean.  Wipe the bearing assembly clean with a cloth, do not put the bearing assembly in the water.  

Use the same steps above to put the wheel back together prior to use. 

NOTE:  For the safety of your Glider, please make periodic checks on the wheel to ensure the bearing assembly tee remains snug.

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