Sugar Glider Wheels, Treadmills and So Much More! - SOLD WORLDWIDE!

Our Wheels 

 All wheels are custom made.


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Every wheel is made upon receipt of the order.  We will make every effort to ship right away, but please be aware wheels may not ship for 5 - 7 business days.

Free Shipping within the Contiguous United States.  Non-Contiguous and International Orders Pay Actual Shipping Charges.

The unique design of a Fast-Track© wheel comes complete with . . .

Your choice of Bearing Systems:

  • A Removable Bearing System. This system allows you to detach the wheel to wash without getting the bearings wet.     DESIGN CHANGE DECEMBER 2011:  We are now placing a cap over the end where the bolt head is showing and using a wrench to tighten the wheel onto the tee (which houses the bearing assembly). This change was made to enable the purchaser greater ease when assembling the wheel and no worries over the "nail" bending because you tightened it too much. Overtightening is no longer a problem!
  • A Permanently Mounted Bearing System. We have customers with no interest in removing the assembly and they've ask us to offer a permanent feature where they don't have to do anything at all!

A continuous one-piece mesh track allowing waste to fall through

Your choice of (3) stands:

  • a PVC Floor Stand,
  • a PVC Side-Mount (Vertical & Horizontal) for Wire Cages or
  • a PVC Frame Mount for your Glide-arium©

and available in mix or match colors!  Large wheel (9) and Small wheel (2)

Lids used for front and back of the wheel have FDA approval


Wheel Assembly Instructions 


Side Mount: We have no idea what type of cage you own and cannot guarantee it can withstand nor uphold the weight and/or vibration of the wheel (approximately 1-1/2 pounds for the Small and 2 pounds for the Large). It may be possibile that side mounted wheels will break the welds on some smaller wired cages.

Bearing Assemby:  When putting the bearing assembly onto the wheel, please ensure that it has been properly tightened.  The bearing assembly is to be snug, not tight.  Failure to do so will result in the wheel coming off the assembly and stand.  If you spin the wheel onto the bolt (letting it spin itself on) once it stops, give it one quarter to one half turn to tighten.  If you feel resistance on the nail then please stop as the nail will bend.    Note:  Dec. 2011 - We no longer use a nail, we've been able to locate wrenches that can be used and make it much easier to "tighten" the wheel without any fear of bending the nail.  The wrenches are included with each wheel ordered.

Wobble:  Occasionally a wheel will wobble - we try our best to center everything, but any slight deviance (either ours or that of the product received from our suppliers) can make the wheel spin in odd ways. Some even have a slight bounce to them! 

NOTE: If you would like to have more than the current 7" clearance between the wheel and floor you can request a taller pole for your wheel to sit upon when placing your order.  Just let me know how high you want the bottom of the wheel off the floor of your cage.






























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